I broke the cake

I’m sure all the home bakers have seen this:


Well, I’ve done that. Today, even though it’s Lent, I may have surpassed this. I added 8oz of cream cheese, with the number of called for eggs, and replaced the milk with cream. The recipe didn’t call for oil/butter, which I didn’t include. The batter is fudge.


I’m sure it tastes bomb. Oh, I dusted the bottom with cocoa powder after gooping it with vegetable solids. I call it veggie lard.


October Art

I’m leaving dollhouses behind for this:

en estilo de Día de los Muertos. Que hace tu?

May sell it when complete for $35 via Etsy.

Not frugal dinner

Sorry, but I’m sick of ramen until Friday when I have to consume it again (abstinence from meat easier than Vatican II prescriptions).

I got bratwurst, various ales & stouts, and “roasted garlic” cheddar. Perfect for tomorrow after TLM (Tridentine Latin Mass) for feast of Assumption of Momma Mary. Plus, have an out-of-town friend to treat; home-cooked is a treat for any bachelor. Don’t get any ideas!

Nice stouts & ales from Cost Plus/World Market. Cheese is cheaper there, and from red velvet pancake mix too! I feel like a kid in there. I’m delightfully girly today with an organic strawberry ale. Not for long though as I’m going clubbing on Friday & looking forward to the whiskey, just no Jack please (JD is vile bile, and he ain’t no “gentleman” either).

RIP Rita

When Sammy died in early May, I got Rita soon after. The empty cage full of rodent toys mocking me from it’s corner.


She was my wee furry acrobat, climbing and swinging just like Sammy had. Rita, nervous & timid, brown with a white patch on head & tummy; passed away between 2pm – 7pm. She wasn’t ill or injured, her cagemate Rachel isn’t aggressive.


Rita & Samuel can keep each other company in heaven.


I miss my munchkin. = (

small changes, small steps

Yesterday I ate breakfast (1 donut & 1 12oz coffee), lunch & dinner (frozen asian dinner microwave thing).

Ate 2 donuts & a 16oz coffee for breakfast this morning. Went light on lunch, since eating food is new. Felt sick around 3pm.

Chopped off another 4 inches of hair and dyed it mahogany red-brown. (here)  And will be doing dinner & Faith Sharing with friends.  I made Asian stir-fry. All veggies, garlic & ginger. =)