Halloween Ideas

Interested in doing Halloween, yet not as interested in being a skimpy nurse, witch or Brittany-esque school girl?

Take Back Halloween has an interesting suggestion – for women to attire themselves in powerful women throughout the ages: Sumeria, Ancient Greece, to Jane Austen, and women-warriors. If you don’t consider it for Hallowe’en, then keep it in mind for when kids have projects to complete on innovative and historical women.


ASH #24 Teeth

I awoke this morning sometime after 4am, startled first by how light it was, then by the realization I was awake. Rolling out of bed to avoid the drool, I wandered into the dark bathroom, and shortly returned to bed; the black sheets still cuddly warm. I clenched my jaw and snapped my teeth; I couldn’t get the need out of my system. Of course it’s all pertaining to the dream: some haunted house block party on a mid-summer evening. All was chill and fun ’til some dream-friend runs her hands up my face smearing my dead-goddess perfect makeup, screeching “that’s not your shirt!” She must have pushed me, as I’m on my back with some dork in a mask digging his finger in my side, tickling me. No one tickles me. And all I could, and do, think about is the desire to bite his finger clear off.


I watched The Phantom of the Opera with a girlfriend during the week.  I mentioned that it “must be the tragic in me that wants her to be with the Phantom.”

So on this day reinvented by WASPs 😉 to eradicate the bothersome Catholics & their blasted purgatory: I’m sharing a link.  I’m not weirded out by any of this.  Okay, so maybe St Rita would give me a run for my money.

A little update

I’m busy studying to get my CAADAC certification, which will hopefully open up some employment opportunities for me.  Apparently it’s unusual to have a MSW with CAADAC licensing.  Already I’m seeing some potential positions open up.  I’m hoping that the internships will be good; might take a class just for the heck of it.

I’m poking holes into my fingers, sewing the bodice and remaining details of my Renaissance Faire outfit which doubles as my Halloween costume. I will likely have to replace the bodice as I forgot to cut tabs.  Lesson learned, I also know how to get cheap ‘boning’ at $0.59  This time next week I should be able to post photos.

Between all this I’m looking for employment; still nothing in this department to report.  I figure that I have a 93% failure rate; seeing as how there are 6 rejection letters sitting on my desk and a rejection email, with what could easily be more than 100 jobs applied to in the past month.  100 applications and 7 interviews.  That’s not too bad.

NaNoWriMo starts in 6 days; I’m fairly anxious to start.  I decided on my plot – and I’ve completely reworked the KH details and now have a working title.  Hopefully this will really turn into a manuscript.

That’s about all in my little corner of the world