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Halloween Ideas

Interested in doing Halloween, yet not as interested in being a skimpy nurse, witch or Brittany-esque school girl? Take Back Halloween has an interesting suggestion – for women to attire themselves in powerful women throughout the ages: Sumeria, Ancient Greece, … Continue reading

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October Art

I’m leaving dollhouses behind for this: en estilo de Día de los Muertos. Que hace tu? May sell it when complete for $35 via Etsy.

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ASH #24 Teeth

I awoke this morning sometime after 4am, startled first by how light it was, then by the realization I was awake. Rolling out of bed to avoid the drool, I wandered into the dark bathroom, and shortly returned to bed; … Continue reading

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I watched The Phantom of the Opera with a girlfriend during the week.  I mentioned that it “must be the tragic in me that wants her to be with the Phantom.” So on this day reinvented by WASPs 😉 to eradicate … Continue reading

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A little update

I’m busy studying to get my CAADAC certification, which will hopefully open up some employment opportunities for me.  Apparently it’s unusual to have a MSW with CAADAC licensing.  Already I’m seeing some potential positions open up.  I’m hoping that the … Continue reading

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