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Can be attricious. The situation: My roomate made plans beginning of May to move out and did so this past Sunday. I’m swinging rent in excess of $1500 by myself for August. I’ve found a place to share with coworker … Continue reading

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Purpose of This Blog

I realize this is missing on this site, and I’ve been putting it off until I siphon posts from Blogger (2 sites) & Xanga (purportedly shutting down) to explain who I am, and what exactly is habit forming. In September … Continue reading

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A Rare Sigthing

When was I last on here? Can somone check the time stamp for me? What’s changed? Got a job as a social worker at a ADHC November 2010 Left the job 3weeks prior to being there a year. October 2011 … Continue reading

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I actually now have the means with the Laboure Society to start collecting donations toward my student loans. If you would like to donate, and it’s (a) tax-deductible, and (b) anonymous; please e-mail me at:

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Working towards Loans

I’ve been listed and started to work with the Laboure Society to pay off my student loans.  But hold your horses – not everything is fully set up just yet.

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