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So, someone told me on a support Yahoo! Group that what I have been experiencing for the last few weeks is called “floating.” The extreme identity confusion caused by membership in a cult can follow an ex-member for years, causing … Continue reading

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I have to write this. I have to say it. I can’t find too many people on campus these days who know of my experience. Everyone has moved on, and I have too for the most part, but I’ll never … Continue reading

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An update

I just had a post disappear. That’s something new for me here on Blogspot, although I’ve had it occur at Xanga. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Psychology was on my mind a lot yesterday. I keep interviewing with psychology oriented field recruiters: LCSWs. PhD, … Continue reading

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Recap of Return to Faith

Religion/Faith/Catholicism “became too dominant” at my parents insistance … I could potentially phrase it that way, and I wouldn’t be twisting and bending the truth THAT much. I was 9 months out of the Local Church, but also 9 months … Continue reading

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