Cardinal Baloney to Retire

Can I get an ‘Amen’?

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Dissent Fest

The brochures and registration packets are now available in parishes throughout the Los Angeles archdiocese, for the RE Congress.

As a member of USC Our Savior Chapel’s Peer Ministry Council, I recieved the packet this evening and tried very hard not to show my distaste.

Liturgical direction is headed under Ed Archer, from St. Monica’s Parish in Santa Monica. That’s for the Youth Day. St Monica’s thinks that having a homosexual community and a dating lounge in the church’s auditorium is the greatest way of attracting young adults.

As for Mass, there are different “characters”, or flavors. There are some pretty wild themes: “Church on Way to Unity,” Hawaiian, Celtic, etc.

There’s the returning classic of Sacred Space that unwittingly promotes Centering Prayer.

Prayer Request

I usually say a daily Rosary for vocations each morning in the car, however this past friday I said it in the afternoon. I could not finish the Rosary in my usual course; it had switched from vocations to the state of the Roman Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in particular. I started crying and begging Mary and Jesus to protect and intercede on behalf the archdiocese as it under her patronage (Our Lady of Angeles ~ Los Angeles).

I cannot convey with words the urgency I felt about this change in prayer. It still feels “now or never.”

There are changes occuring in the LA Archdiocese:

  • Mahony is not liturgically “correct”
  • the huge settlement for the sexual abuse lawsuit has to be funded
  • selling convents to pay off the settlement
  • selling the Wilshire buildings that houses Archdiocese offices including Vocations, to pay off the settlement as well
  • Sr. Kathy Bryant is leaving her post as Vocations Director

However, aside from these changes I sense through prayer an impending spiritual trial that will challenge the LA Archdiocese.