I’ve just submitted a short story to a Christian fiction magazine, Ruminate ( I wrote it about 3 years ago, and am at the point I want it out there. I can handle my name being on it, on that topic, on those emotions.

Maybe now I can go finish the other three stories. I’ve got Nano fever, after all.


“Hi, I’m in your book now.”

I was up until 2am filing out a character information sheet, in preparation for NaNoWriMo. He’s like my best supporting actor to my protagonist, and he’s a nice clean-cut guy who provides romantic/love interest to her, as well (of course). Whether it’s the product of 2am, plot bunnies, or true character background, I finally understand why he was so shadowy and invisible before now; embarrassed about his family despite how respected the parents were publicly.

I wonder what other characters will reveal as I gear up for November.

Office Space

So, I handed over a very rough draft of NaNoWriMo 2009 over to my girlfriend so she can read & critique it.  I’m not interested in hearing about grammar and spelling errors at the moment, since so much of the actual story has to be re-written: strengthening characters, booting others out sooner (The challenge: I can’t kill him this time!), re-work some of the subplots, and figure out the ending (I know, I should write with the end in mind.).  The plot is still the same, as is the premise – I just need to “play Operation with it” so to speak.  Gosh I hope that makes sense.

I’m in the process of rewriting the novel premise I started in 2008 and promptly ditched for NaNo 2009, and which became NaNo 2010 by default.  I added two additional opening chapters to this one, and so far, it cuts out the need for the original’s first four chapters, which sounds bad.  However considering that 22 chapters in I wasn’t even close to the climax of the original draft, I’ve got plenty of room in my playground.  I think I’m pacing things correctly in the timeline … trying to keep it from going insane.

I’m working on finding a therapist, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to one.  Now all I need is the nerve to call and make my first appointment.  Just because it’s my profession, doesn’t make it any easier to make the calls or sit in waiting rooms.

Bought a bright orange flowering plant and stuck it in a lime green container.  I feel it’s just snarky enough for the office.  Boss man made comments on how long I worked today: until 4pm.  I’m helping to keep his business open, but not sure how long I can hold the sarcasm back.

Needing Inspiration

My girlfriend’s husband had the first draft of her novel professionally printed and bound, as a gift for Christmas.  It’s a rocking 363 pages and I read the first 8 chapters this evening between 4:30 and 10:30pm.  Not exactly speed reading, but the chapters are dense.

It’s time I actually finish one of my three works-in-progress (WIP).  I’ve got NaNo09, AugNo09, and NaNo10 to work on.  NaNo09, I kid you not, is hidden under the mattress, since my mother found it last summer and “read” one scene and has since made wild accusations (like usual).  I’m not bothering to correct her.  AugNo09 is back story for one of my characters in NaNo09, since he was too flat.  NaNo10 is actually a re-drafting of a novel I started before NaNo09.

This is the banner for NaNo 2009:

The Banner for NaNo 2010:

I am playing around with different ideas: (a) shifting temporarily the focus of this blog, (b) shutting down the wordpress and (c) using my professional email to start a writing blogspot, or (d) putting my work on Xanga and thereby shifting the entire focus of that blog.

I like the WordPress since it gets different traffic, but it doesn’t have the instant built-in community setting of Xanga, nor am I able to protect my writing from copycats.  I could shut down the WordPress and open a defunct blog on my other email just for writing purposes and have it readable by invite-only which is only slightly less controlled than Xanga.  I could, lastly shift the focus of my current Xanga blog to writing.

I’m babbling.

Sleep Deprivation

NaNoWriMo began Nov 1 at 12:01am, and I only started writing yesterday well after 10pm.  I went to bed sometime around 2:30 and I only have about 900 words written.  I’m in this for a novel re-write.  I’m not trying to win the challenge (I only win bragging rights)!  Still, the first chapter always drags.  Favorite sentence from last night: “The air was stale with apprehension despite the fall crisp.”

Since I’m running on less sleep for NaNo, I’m also still very out of whack from Saturday; too much partying & my back hates me for sleeping on a lumpy futon.  The next time I sleep over, I’ll have to bring a board if I want to avoid all this pain.  Or, I could stop partying…because that idea is so viable.

Anyway, back to writing.