Obama to Sign Order for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The raindrop does not want to think that it was the one single event that changed the puddle from becoming a flood.

When will the blood of unborn children cease to be shed, and who will take responsibility for the travesty that will finally be wrought on American soil when God’s ears have been over-filled with the cries of the innocents?

Who will be the one to say that he (or she) was the one that changed the events that were a few court rulings into a massacre?

I’d cry, but the tears wouldn’t end. Last Lent I spent time praying and fasting for the end to abortion and spent much of the time crying for the loss of the children: for the unknown siblings, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc.

Yet, on Monday March 9th, Obama will sign an order authorizing widespread provision of federal funds for embryonic stem cell research.

Sometimes I am forced to wonder. Many have prayed, many have fasted. Many have prayed and fasted, yet God stands by. But I know that He stands by our side and is waiting for His perfect moment. I just wish it wouldn’t be at the cost of so many lost lives, loves, and souls.