A little update

I’m busy studying to get my CAADAC certification, which will hopefully open up some employment opportunities for me.  Apparently it’s unusual to have a MSW with CAADAC licensing.  Already I’m seeing some potential positions open up.  I’m hoping that the internships will be good; might take a class just for the heck of it.

I’m poking holes into my fingers, sewing the bodice and remaining details of my Renaissance Faire outfit which doubles as my Halloween costume. I will likely have to replace the bodice as I forgot to cut tabs.  Lesson learned, I also know how to get cheap ‘boning’ at $0.59  This time next week I should be able to post photos.

Between all this I’m looking for employment; still nothing in this department to report.  I figure that I have a 93% failure rate; seeing as how there are 6 rejection letters sitting on my desk and a rejection email, with what could easily be more than 100 jobs applied to in the past month.  100 applications and 7 interviews.  That’s not too bad.

NaNoWriMo starts in 6 days; I’m fairly anxious to start.  I decided on my plot – and I’ve completely reworked the KH details and now have a working title.  Hopefully this will really turn into a manuscript.

That’s about all in my little corner of the world