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dark chocolate minimum 70 per cent leaving kids to their parent heart rending, tearing therapeutic ending a good good-bye dark burgundy staining the rim silver glistening tears streaming  

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me today

the edges are torn fraying warp and weft stretched misaligned worn and tattered

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Come one, Come all Outlook Springs is offering women an opportunity to cut the submissions line and submit directly to an editor, Emily. She describes her reasons in the website linked above: a deluge of male submissions and wanting women to be heard and … Continue reading

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Mundane The usual tick And toc Markers and crayolas Paper and tears What a blessing It’s so needed I don’t know I don’t care Leaded and broken Worn out beauty Passing cares

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play on words

[dynamic] brashly striding into the foresight, notes lilt on the breeze lean onto staffs for strength as times gone by are obscured by forward-stretching glow of a lantern. phases are unnaturally discerned, playfully stepping to plumb emotions; scaling back into … Continue reading

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