quilt for kelly

Facebook Event: HERE

The quilting community is welcoming and supporting. Since joining a local one last September, I have received support and encouragement. Recently on FB an event has been created to provide an impoverished quilter with a new one for herself.

I have decided to learn to machine applique just for this. The first two were easily created:




However, I wanted to make a block with the recipient’s first initial “K”. First I sketched it during my morning at the office on a Post-It note. Then I drew it onto parchment paper.


I do not have a light box so I improvised with the clear lid of my thread sorter and the LED lights that hang on the wall of my den (welcome to apartment living).


I turned the parchment upside down and traced it onto my Heat n Bond Lite iron-on. I’m done for the evening after trimming out the pieces. Tomorrow I will iron the bits onto the fabric and then start ironing the pieces onto the background fabric.



Less Lonely


Making lone stars. Working with batiks and calicos in brown/beige and purple tones.

Friendly Snowman

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Hand-sewn, Hand-quilted.

A friendly Snowman greets all at your door, shovel in hand. It may be cold outside with snow on the ground, but this doesn’t faze him. His nose is bright orange and his hat is floppy; heck, the snow is freezing to his shovel.


It’s even crystallizing!


Stipple quilt stitch with echo around star motif higher up along the starry sky.

Gets My Goat

I’ve been researching how to add additional elements to a quilt I’m making for a bride-to-be friend. I’ve seen a lot of quilters, blogs & photographs in the past 36 hours. I sew by hand, I don’t own a sewing machine. What gets my goat is the level of disrespect for hand sewers and handsewn artifacts.


It doesn’t mean more to another person if you finished before lunch on Sunday; just another weekend project.

You shouldn’t be able to charge more for your product online than I or any other hand sewer does.

Me & Id

Unfortunately I get to know my id pretty well. I want lots of things, but don’t have the means to do it. therefore I am constantly fighting with myself. For example, I’ve needed a skirt for wedding for a while now. I want something really pretty but simple, and the pocketbook is screaming “nonononono!” so I had to do what I would do, not my id, which is buy two and a half yards of silk duponi (fabric). I’ve worn the same dress to 3 different weddings, and one non-nuptial formal event. I couldn’t wear my green dress since that’s a thematic color. (geewhiz). With less than $15, I have a purple silk skirt I can wear; it’s sewing up nicely (by hand, of course), just a few hours yesterday & this evening, with mock flat-felled seams. After I make this, I need a slip/undershirt, which I’ll be making, along with additional skirts, dresses & jackets.

I’m the skinny chick at the grocery eyeing the nice rolled oats or baking goods, buying the discounted-going-bad-before-ma-eyes meat, salivating at the fresh slabs of beef. I enjoy my liquid carbs, though. I purchase nice liquids every once in a while. My id goes bonkers ‘cuz it wins, and the wallet faints.

Id wins when it comes to the pets: 3 mice, 5 fish. It/Id wants a cute orange-beaked finch, too; I don’t want to tempt (or tease?) roomie’s 2 cats. Id keeps telling me how cute & fuzzy the chick finches are, I remind about poop smells. Id tells me their beaks are orange & sing; I snap back about having a white-noise machine that does the same and doesn’t need to be fed.

By the by, I’ll have wifi on Saturday. May post hiking and/or wedding photos.