Let prayer be very short

When we wish to suggest our wants to persons of high station, 
we do not presume to do so 
except with humility and reverence. 
How much the more, then, 
are complete humility and pure devotion necessary 
in supplication of the Lord who is God of the universe! 
And let us be assured 
that it is not in saying a great deal that we shall be heard (Matt 6:7),
but in purity of heart and in tears of compunction. 
Our prayer, therefore, ought to be short and pure, 
unless it happens to be prolonged 
by an inspiration of divine grace. 
In community, however, let prayer be very short, 
and when the Superior gives the signal let all rise together.

– from the Rule of St Benedict


spirituality ii

Don’t recall exactly where I left off yesterday, guess that is what happens when I type at 12am.  I’ve only a half hour to type.  With Lie to Me, playing in the background, I probably won’t have much to say.

Returning to spirituality, I was saying that I would have frowned upon it, and I did, two years past.  I remember one client who said she was very Christian and very spiritual during the psychosocial assessment I did on everybody as a Social Work intern.  I figure my disgust was all over my face.  Spirituality, that’s the stuff for New Age tarot card reading-mantra chanting people.  That’s not the ‘spirituality’ I’m considering.  That’s spiritism, the belief of spirits and demons without the foundation of religion and dogma to declare one as benign and the other evil; all is ‘spirit’ and all is there to serve us and guide us.

Spirituality is the flavor added to your faith relationship with God that is grounded in the foundation of a religion.  I got to a solid understanding of my spirituality over the summer.  I delved into spirituality last winter, and came out with a different understanding in the spring.  So many are focused on the life, the spring time, the  resurrection, the sun and the warmth; I tend towards the winter, the dark, the dark night, the crucifixion, the agony in the garden.  I told a friend at a house warming party in July that people need to move beyond what I got, the faith I have is good, go and get what is better.  Some of us have to stand at the foot of the Cross at the Crucifixion.

Let a man consider that God is always looking at him from heaven, that his actions are everywhere visible to the divine eyes and are constantly being reported to God by the Angels.
— St Benedict’s Rule of Order, on Humility

Quote from OSB Rule

“Therefore we must prepare our hearts and our bodies to do battle under the holy obedience of His commands; and let us ask God that He be pleased to give us the help of His grace for anything which our nature finds hardly possible.”

— St Benedict of Nursia