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gouging the market

After yesterday’s comment from my girlfriend — I think I’m bummed out today.  I spent my entire day completing the 6 month assessment for a client: interviewing him, calling his board & care, writing up treatment plans and goals, and … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Now But Your Ignorance Is Showing

Girlfriend can call me a freak all she wants, but I won’t play tit-for-tat.  It’s petty, and I’m tired of that crap.  When you’ve had a disorder for more than 15 years that psychology still doesn’t fully understand, doesn’t study, … Continue reading

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Revisiting my Illustrious Religious Past

Saturday a girl friend told me about the Bible Study session that she had been asked to teach: a review of the major world religions, and cults. She wanted my input on the cults, and having spent this entire day … Continue reading

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