Is it selfish?

I am incredibly comfortable with myself.

  • I’m Catholic and I really love being so.
  • Same goes for being single.

So the thought that has been nagging me for the past 2 days has been that hopefully its not some how selfish to enjoy being single, Catholic, and virgin; and to be comfortable with it that I don’t cherish the idea of ever being married and having to give up the virginity.

I don’t want to lose it. I want to keep it forever.

Does that make sense to any of you?

It’s not really a point of confusion for me; it seems to come naturally to me.

Yet, there’s this sense of taboo about virginity, and even more so about keeping it. And not just “in the world” but also in the fact that this isn’t discussed in the Church. The only time I’ve ever talked about it with a person is with a friend who’s Baptist and she said that she remains pure because God takes pleasure in it. End of conversation.

Marriage is beautiful, as are children. And as attractive as a man might be, I don’t have ANY desire to marry him. As cute and adorable babies and little kiddies might be, I don’t want to have them. This leaves me with three wonderful choices to make: religious life, consecrated virgin, or be a celibate member in a lay ministry such as Opus Dei, which I really enjoy participating in although I’m not yet a member.

Any yet, although I only have 3 to choose from, the possibilities still seem infinite.

Oh boy, do I need a spiritual advisor or what?