This morning on the Christian radio station I listen to a man was preaching about how each and every single man and woman on this Earth was created by God, with each one bearing the “fingerprint” of God. He cited Genesis 1:27 (I believe that is the correct passage) in saying that God made man and woman equal in his image.

That was a nice message to listen to while pulling into my parking space on campus. College is a great place to forget where you came from, and who you are supposed to be living for. I think a wonderful way to get back on track is to remember that each of us comes from God, and we are all loved by God.

So, for me today, I can’t go around thinking that someone is ugly, because through God we are each made beautiful by the mere fact that God created us for His kingdom and for His work to be done on Earth.

You are beautiful/handsome. How does that make you feel? It swells you up with gratitude that you are loved by someone and encourages you to praise God.
At least, I hope it does that for you.