Vocational Retreat

I’m in Tehachapi, CA for the following week. I know my absence on here has been long, but I haven’t had anything worthwhile typing. Please keep me in your prayers. I’ll be making my Consecration to Jesus Through Mary on the 25th, of course. Hopefully I will have more clarity if this is my home away from Home.



was the one word that Father summed up his homily this Sunday. He stated that we did not need to be told by him what has occurred in the state, or the nation, let alone the world. We’re inundated with news and information, but what it meant for us was fidelity. Regardless of where you stand on thoughts of Tribulation, it’s doubtless that a time of being tested in your fidelity to the Truth of the Church is coming, and it’s better to figure out where you stand now rather than while you’re being tested.


I just dry heaved into the kitchen sink. I guess I shouldn’t be eating while writing about critter abuse and reading articles about the loss of the Defense of Marriage Act. I hope I won’t have a vomit-inducing dream for the second time this week.