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prayerful drawing

It’s something I started during Lent. I’ve never felt inclined to draw as a way to enter into prayer. Or even to see it as prayer(ful).  This is what I drew this evening, thinking about the Holy Spirit specifically, the … Continue reading

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Oh, St. Joseph!

Do you have an absolute favorite saint? Perhaps you pray to him/her, wear their medal & frequently ask help. And there’s the other saint who surprises you. Seemingly out of nowhere. My favorites are Ss. Anthony, Benedict & Michael I … Continue reading

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Prayer Request for the Dead [edit]

My former/old roommate’s father passed away this morning around 7:35am. His name is Rodolfo Roldan (nickname, Rudy), and he died of cancer, which had spread to the bones in his spine, the tumors were pressing against his spinal cord. He … Continue reading

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Vocational Update

I recently sent off a letter to a monastery in Northern California: Carmel of Jesus, Mary & Joseph out in Canyon. They are somewhere around Oakland, but away from the Raider freaks. I correspond directly with Mother Sylvia Gemma, which … Continue reading

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I’ve been struggling with this one thing:

Gripping If I really trust in God, would I gripe as much as I do? Is it a sign of distrust if I tell someone that I’m struggling financially, or that I learned this weekend that a friend who does … Continue reading

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